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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Where to now?

I bet people reading this (if they ever do) are thinking 'Come on now that's quite enough diary entries about school, tell us something else.' So here we are.
People always have dreams, in fact its something that psychologically keeps us going.    Who knew?
But lets not get into that.  These dreams can be anything from being a world famous actress/actor or just getting a new phone for your birthday.
At my age I've realised when people ask me or others about our dreams its usually something to do with careers or the exhausted phrase 'What do you want be when you grow up?'

                                       And my answer to that is plain and simple - 'I dunno.'

And i'm telling the truth, seriously i don't. But then i thought about it. It was one of them really hot summer nights when i just couldn't go to sleep and everything embarrassing and cringe worthy thing i'd ever done popped into my head alongside the question - 'What I want be when I grow up?' That's when i made a revelation, its about me, all about me -  whatever i want to do.

So i guess I've always been into business and i've always wanted to run my own business. Even though i don't have a business plan just yet.It just excites me - the risk taking, the money, enterprise, the whole atmosphere really. Not to mention - bossing people about (I joke)... maybe.

But i have no plans for anything all i know is that i'll finish high school and go into college with an open mind, going wherever life takes me. Although i'd probably love to go to university :)

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  1. Thanks very much for registering at Teenage Blogger Central!
    If you're really unsure about a career path, you could try taking the Myer-Briggs Personality Test.. It's free and tells you which careers you may be suited to.

    1. Hii there,
      thanks for reading my post its always nice to have someone visiting my blog and your advice is appreciated and maybe i'll take that test in my spare time :)

  2. Hi, I'm Riley and I'm also a part of Teenage Blogger Central :) If you're only 15, I wouldn't worry much about the future--just enjoy the present and become the best you can be using the resources you have now. People change, and in college the majority of kids end up changing their major 2-3 times. So going into university with an open mind is definitely a good idea :)

    1. Hi Riley,
      Its always nice to have some advice or feedback from others so thanks :) I'll definitely be taking into account what you have said and i agree it probably is best to go into the world let alone university with an open mind.

  3. Hey, I think it's really awesome that you've been thinking about dreams and all. I was on that too! I think it's best to start knowing our passion and motivation in life. It's like thinking how would my dream affect me and other people around me? Would it be to satisfy my needs or I'm doing it because it is who you are as a person (your values). I personally believe there's more to it :) And I agree with what Riley said, don't forget to enjoy the present and use your resources you have now. Success doesn't start tomorrow, it starts today! Have fun and enjoy :)

    1. Hey,
      I'm exactly the same as you it seems that i'm not the only one now. But thanks for your feedback and you're right Success doesn't start tomorrow, it starts today! I wish more people knew that. I took some time to check out your blog and i have to say it does seem intriguing. I also wanted to ask how did you find my blog?