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Monday, 24 June 2013

Revision Sucks and so does school

I'm the type of girl who'd do anything to get out of revision. And by that i mean anything!
Its not that i'm stupid or don't want to do well - its honestly because my body is soo against it in a way i just can't explain.

I know i'll realise sooner or later how important it is and to be perfectly honest i think i already do. I simply just ignore that guilty feeling and carry on watching TV, shopping, eating or whatever it is. Then comes the day of the exam and i'm sitting there waiting on the words 'You may start..' and writing in as much as i possibly can. Its not that i don't work because i do, it just takes me a while to relieve myself of any distractions and get my head down.

Okay, i admit it i am probably the number procrastinator out there.

I'm supposed to be revising now and i did do some geography revision and it's only a mock exam, right? Ahh yes, my school is making the whole of year 10 sit mock exams. I guess there are benefits in the teacher's eyes they believe that getting us into that hall as much as possible will prepare us for the real exams. But i completely disagree! No matter how many times i sit an exam in that hall i will never be ready - its just a normal thing isn't it?

Revision, Revision, Revision i was working until my head couldn't take any more river land-forms, meanders or methods of erosion.

But however, there is a point to this post it just took me a while to explain how it fit in with my life... But the other day when i was sitting in geography, literally dying of boredom just 10 minutes after the lesson had started something made me look up from the pictures i was doodling on my folder. It made me think. It wasn't something amazing but there was my geography teacher standing at the front teaching and then he stopped and said, 'Fail to prepare, Prepare to fail.'

And that was it.

Three different words repeated twice (well,turned the other way around) stopped me and made me think about what i wanted in life and its true if you don't try, how do you expect to achieve or get?

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

School Life - Just a little insight.. my day today. Nothing excited just the usual and i guess nobody wants to read that :(

So lemme give you a little picture instead:
Imagine a fifteen year old teenage girl, currently in year 10 living in the United Kingdom. Stuck in a English class with the worst teacher ever! Thats basically what i went through today and yes, i agree pure torture. But thats just it, it was a weird form of torture. I mean yes, the teacher's not my favourite person in the world but all we did today is sit on our netbooks researching the ever so interesting context of 'Of Mice and men,' like we have been for the last three lessons.

I guess thats why it felt like torture, doing something over and over and over again isn't particularly fun! However watching 'Of Mice and men,' in lessons made me realise that its actually a good film with a pretty great storyline and themes. Its the time of film that you'd see on TV but always skip past the channel but once at school it becomes the best lesson you've had all year.

 In a way it made me think about society today and for a girl like me thats pretty deep in more than one way and i soon realised that I myself have many questions to ask. For one, why must we as individuals change ourselves to suit others or in other words why do we care about what other people think? Is it that feeling of acceptance that we all desire or do we just want to be admired ourselves? I understand that this is probably a question for a psychologist but if we have our own views and opinions then why to we listen to the voices of those who are seen as being more superior?

I honestly just can't get my head around it. :S

I guess this is not really anything necessary, its just a little insight into my life :)
Just an understanding. Or something like that.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

The Intro..

Well, Hello there people of the world,

Most bloggers usually use their first post to explain a bit about the blog and themselves, but I really just don't know where to start. But I guess I'll give it a go. 

There's not really much that you need to know about me except that i'm fifteen years old, I live in England and that I am the author of this blog. Hmmm... I think that just about covers everything. As you read the blog more will be revealed.... so stay tuned.

This blog '' is in fact a teen blog. I can imagine some of you going 'Whaaaat..' or 'That stupid!' but stop right there and let me explain. Whilst in some of my classes, i realised that i had nothing to do or surf on the net because pretty much everything is blocked. 
Damn you school!
But then i remembered a lesson in ICT where we'd been learning about communication channels and the 'Art of blogging.' Sooo.... i decided to type in teen blogs into Google and quite a few came up. (I also realised that people make quite a bit of money from blogs but trust me i'm not in it for the cash i honestly don't really trust making money on the net.) Anyways I had a quick read and decided that why not make a blog but instead of calling it 'Teen Blog', 'Just another teen blog' or 'Blog for teens' I thought I'd put a little twist on the words.

Wow listen to me droning on... I promise this will soon come to an end. :)

In a quick summary this IS a teen blog about me, my life etc... but its also about you joining me on my  journey as i take my first steps into this crazy blogging world.

I really hope you enjoy the ride just as much as I think i will besides all i need now is people to read my blog.