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Saturday, 15 June 2013

The Intro..

Well, Hello there people of the world,

Most bloggers usually use their first post to explain a bit about the blog and themselves, but I really just don't know where to start. But I guess I'll give it a go. 

There's not really much that you need to know about me except that i'm fifteen years old, I live in England and that I am the author of this blog. Hmmm... I think that just about covers everything. As you read the blog more will be revealed.... so stay tuned.

This blog '' is in fact a teen blog. I can imagine some of you going 'Whaaaat..' or 'That stupid!' but stop right there and let me explain. Whilst in some of my classes, i realised that i had nothing to do or surf on the net because pretty much everything is blocked. 
Damn you school!
But then i remembered a lesson in ICT where we'd been learning about communication channels and the 'Art of blogging.' Sooo.... i decided to type in teen blogs into Google and quite a few came up. (I also realised that people make quite a bit of money from blogs but trust me i'm not in it for the cash i honestly don't really trust making money on the net.) Anyways I had a quick read and decided that why not make a blog but instead of calling it 'Teen Blog', 'Just another teen blog' or 'Blog for teens' I thought I'd put a little twist on the words.

Wow listen to me droning on... I promise this will soon come to an end. :)

In a quick summary this IS a teen blog about me, my life etc... but its also about you joining me on my  journey as i take my first steps into this crazy blogging world.

I really hope you enjoy the ride just as much as I think i will besides all i need now is people to read my blog.

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